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Noor Jehan, Pakistani Elephant Passed Away Tragically

Noor Jehan Pakistani Elephant Death

Pakistan, a South Asian country, has a history of animal abuse and cruelty. The recent death of an elephant named ‘Noor Jahan’, which left each eye of animal lovers teary, at the Karachi Zoo emphasizes the country’s urgent need for stronger animal welfare laws. The elephant, named Noor Jehan, collapsed and died on Saturday, April 22, with reports indicating that the cause of death was a lack of care and negligence on the part of zoo authorities.

Elephant Noor Jahan suffered from severe leg pain for several weeks as a result of the zoo’s and animal caretakers’ extreme negligence.

Noor Jehan, the Pakisani elephant that was 32 years old, had been a resident of Karachi Zoo since 1990. According to reports, she had a bacterial infection and was not receiving proper medical treatment. She was also malnourished and dehydrated, which likely contributed to her untimely death.

The Karachi Zoo is making headlines again, but not for the right reasons. It’s distressing to see the miserable status of animal welfare once again brought to light. Unfortunately, there have been previous instances of this kind of carelessness. A lioness died in the past from a lack of medical care, and a giraffe passed away after having its neck caught in a fence. These occurrences have revealed that animal welfare is not a national priority, and it is imperative that the government and animal authorities act swiftly to put an end to additional animal abuse.

Although animal welfare laws exist in Pakistan, such as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1890, they are outdated and provide minimal protection for animals. Moreover, the current laws are not enforced strictly enough, resulting in widespread animal abuse and neglect. Thus, it’s essential for the government to update and strengthen animal welfare laws and enforce them strictly to prevent such acts of cruelty in the future.

Animals are living beings, just like humans, and it’s our moral obligation to treat them with compassion and care. Therefore, the Pakistani government and citizens should work together to ensure the protection of animals from cruelty and abuse. One way to achieve this is by raising awareness about animal welfare and the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness. Additionally, the government should provide funding to animal welfare organizations to provide care and treatment for animals.

Moreover, it’s crucial to establish a regulatory body that monitors animal welfare in zoos and other institutions where animals are kept in captivity. This organization should ensure that the animals have access to adequate food, water, medical care, and shelter. They should also make sure that the animals are not subjected to any form of cruelty or abuse.

The death of Noor Jehan, the lioness, is a tragic reminder of the pressing need for action on animal welfare in Pakistan. Stronger animal welfare laws and better enforcement are undoubtedly necessary, but so is a greater understanding of the significance of treating animals with respect and compassion. Animals are living beings who deserve to be treated with kindness and empathy. Therefore, it’s imperative for Pakistan to take swift action to protect the rights of animals in the country.

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